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Intuition is the second instrumental music summit featuring two talented guitarists from the Brazilian guitar world - Alex Martinho and Sydnei Carvalho. The two met over ten years ago at Hollywood's Musician's Institute, and their careers have progressed individually (with solo albums, shows and workshops) as well as their mutual friendship. Intuition is the follow up to their CD from a few years ago, "Intensity", and is no less intense than its predecessor, matching up the best aspects of the two guitarist's personalities. The CD even features guest guitar solos by Andy Timmons on several tracks. As Carvalho writes in the liner notes, "We have not been taught how to love the abstract, but it's no single day without the earth to be wiped out by the lights and chants coming from the height. The symbol canon is partially unveiled to us, and we become instruments and artificers of the ideal work revealed by the act of intuiting." All the metal and hard rock driven compositions carry the intuitive theme in their arrangements, subjects, and moods.