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Infernal Scream, an Australian web site, had this to say about Brazilian guitarist Carlos Lichman's "Firestorm" CD, "If you like extensive and aggressive guitar workm this album is a good addition in your collection. "Firestorm" is an instrumental album from a guitarist from Brazil. The sound quality of album is great for a self-release and is a good attempt to provide extensive and aggressive music to shred loving listeners. Although one cannot compare it with Malmsteen or Micheal Angelo Batio, and one should not try to do that. The CD starts with "Speed Rules" and picks up the tempo straight away. The best track is "Drug Dealers" followed by "Intense Guitar Playing" and "Beyond The Universe". There is a Brazilian flavor to this album, and that adds some verity as well. We highly recommend this album to everyone who loves guitar Instrumentals." "Firestorm" features guest guitar solos by Kiko Loureiro, Pablo Soler, Francesco Fareri and Jim Horne.