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Vernon Neilly Interview: The Hardest Working Guitarist in Showbusiness

Producer, recording artist, seasoned touring musician, songwriter, arranger, business owner, endorser, all of these titles apply to guitarist extraordinaire Vernon Neilly. While many artists would be happy to be successful in one of these fields during their careers, the multi-talented guitarist thrives on having his irons in many fires, with consistent positive results. Not only has Neilly developed a reputation as a world-class performer, writer and even actor, but he was one of the earliest businessmen to realize the potential of selling music on the internet. A realization that has sparked his many endeavors into the business side of music, culminating in Boosweet Records, which he founded in 1999 and which is still going strong today.

Neilly’s latest musical output is the record A Tribute To Stevie Wonder, which features the guitarist alongside many great guest artists, including the virtuosic Greg Howe, paying tribute to one of the greatest songwriters and pianists of the 20th Century. Coming at the project from a guitarist’s perspective, Neilly wanted to provide listener’s with a fresh look at Wonder’s familiar songs, and his mission was definitely accomplished. The album is a tour de force that not only pays tribute to Wonder’s genius as a songwriter, but it also adds new twists and interpretation to songs that we all know and love. Not to mention that the guitar playing on the record is smokin’, definitely a record worth adding to your home library.

Guitar International recently caught up with Vernon Neilly to discuss A Tribute To Stevie Wonder, his time in Brazil, gear and get his thoughts on the music business.

Read the full article at guitarinternational.com.

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