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Biendeabajo.com Argentina - Guitar Power Interview Translated

guitar power


http://www.biendeabajo.com/noticas/varias/concurso_guitar_power_por_primera_vez_en_argentina/  ( CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW - SPANISH VERSION)



It is public knowledge that this year Argentina has been choosen as the seat of th important contest of guitarist “Guitar Power”. In it, contestants send an instrumental of their own to be judged. The winner will be awarded with the opportunity to record a CD for the U.S. label Boosweet Records.The president of the panel is nothing more and nothing less than Mr. Vernon Neilly. This virtuous guitarist born in the Philippines, currently based in the U.S. Aside from being a musician and producer, he’s th owner of the mentioned record label. His style is a combination of classical music, jazz, blues, rock, funk, R&B, and hip hop. In his extensive career that dates back to 1967, he’s the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions. Among them having his own guitar model (Tagima VN-1), the strings (Giannini “Power Strings”) and he’s shared scenaries and studios with famous guitarist such as Slash y Jerry Horton.

 Taking advantage of his visit to our country, Arterias de la Ciudad dusted his suit, practiced his English, and in a grand international experience had a chance to ask some questions.

Arterias: Why was Argentina elected for the new contest “Guitar Power”?

Vernon Neilly: Last year during my trip to Argentina, I noticed the lack of opportunties for guitarist here in Buenos Aires and Argentina, and for music to go past boundaries to an international level. I talked with my friend and fellow guitarist Marcelo Roascio.Who is a well known and respected guitarist and educator in Argentina. I discussed with him the idea of making a guitar contest.Top of FormHe informed me that it had never before been done in the history of music here in Argentina.I was surprised by this, because I've done many competitions before in my career. For me it was an easy decision to give Argentinian guitarists the opportunity to record their music with an international distribution label. My label in the U.S. Boosweet. Marcelo then undertook the task of putting the contest together and October 12, 2011 in the Auditorium Bauen in Buenos Aires. The people will see 10 finalists who were selected from throughout Argentina to compete for the opportunity Listen….

Arteries: What expectations do you generate for the next contest?

Vernon Neilly: My expectations are high because the music that was chosen is from very talented people in Argentina. Who will do their best to have the opportunity to record for an international label in the U.S. I know that the contestants are prepared to do their best. The "Guitar Power" has generated much interest here in Argentina, because once again this has never been done before in the history of the music in this country for guitarists. So they have the opportunity to be part of music history from your country!

Arteries: What do you have in mind when judging a guitarist?
Vernon Neilly: The other judges, Marcelo Roascio, Daniel Teles and I judge the contestants on performance, sound, composition, stage presence and communication with the public. It's not just about how they are technically!

Arteries: What advice can you give to young guitarists?
Vernon Neilly: Preparation, patience and perseverance! To believe in themselves and their talent. To work hard because the music business is a very difficult business. It’s even harder these days, so one must be focused on their objective of achieving your dreams!

Arteries: We are looking forward to hearing more from you. Thank you very much for your time. We are always at your service.
Vernon Neilly: Thanks Cristian is a real pleasure for me and I look forward seeing you at "Guitar Power"!

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